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I got so tired of saying we’re “busy” when people ask how we’re doing that I’ve started saying we’re “thriving” instead.  Because as truly busy as we may be we’re not frantic (well, not most of the time) and we’re all happy and the busy-ness that fills our days is all aimed at good things…especially this time of year when the harvest season is at its peak here in Maine.





The garden is slowly, slowly being put to bed.  One little section at a time.  We’ve pulled sunflowers, basil, beans and pumpkins (pumpkins, I tell you!).  Our tomatoes are still hanging on despite a couple of light frosts and due to some surprising foresight last August we’ve got fall kale, spinach, lettuces and peas.  The carrots are never-ending this year and we for the first time grew our own tomatillos…a key ingredient in the many, many quarts of salsa that found their way into the freezer last week to sit alongside the quarts and quarts of tomato sauce.

And oh, the apples!  We stopped ourselves just shy of seventy-five pounds of Ida Reds and Northern Spies this morning.  It was the perfect morning to be in the orchard and we picked and snacked and played and then came home and naturally, made Dorie Greenspan’s French Apple Cake.  Immediately.  I’ve got high hopes for all those apples.  Cobbler and cake and pie galore.  A final go-around with the canner for some applesauce, perhaps.  And certainly in the chillier days to come a bit of crisp apple picked by a sweet boy in a hand-knit sweater on a sunny October morning will be just the thing with a mug of cocoa.

Thriving, indeed.


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