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The Fair


It is The Fair for us.  In capitals.  Each year our stay gets just a bit longer (this year five days were decidedly not long enough), we start to find out more about where we each fit into the organized chaos of making the fair happen, we see old friends and meet new ones, we work and play and usually at some point we each cry (some of us more than others, ahem*).

This fair, which for some is a day to come and check out some farm animals and eat wood-fired pizza al fresco has become for us something different entirely.  It is our annual touchstone.  The place where we go once a year to step out of our life at home…see how we each have changed and grown…celebrate and reflect on what we’ve sown and harvested in the past year and think about what we want to dig into the soils for the year to come.  Because long before you plant, you must till and nourish, and that is what this fair does to our family. It helps us to dig the good stuff in deep.

Also, we have loads and loads of fun.


* Why I am brought to tears every year by dusty families sliding down a hill on old pizza boxes and children on parade dressed up as vegetables and making a huge racket is a mystery.  But, I know I’m not alone.


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By the Shore







To officially end the crazy summer season around here we took the sweetest little break last weekend.  A trip to my family’s place by the shore was just the thing we needed to switch gears from the frantic pace of summer to the slower (we hope) and most welcome fall season.  We visited nearby friends (and yes, Luca got to drive the boat out to their island..pleased as punch he was), served up lobster on the deck of our cottage, found out that clamming with a metal shovel procures dinner only for seagulls and got to hear an incredible 12 hours of bluegrass music at Thomas Point on Saturday.  I’m thoroughly smitten with these fine gentlemen who played two stunning sets.

As always happens when we leave home for a few days we come back different than when we left and inspired to shake things up a bit.  The old banjos at our house seem to be reappearing from wherever they were stored these past few years.  There is talk of extending our stay at Thomas Point next year, of Fiddle Camp in the years to come, of more trips to the island next summer and projects to improve the cottage.  In these moments there is also an overwhelming wish we could make the days just a little bit longer because, well, we’re the kind of people who want to be doing, making, learning all the time.  Its become part of the culture of our family.  While I’d love to just add hours to the day for all these things we love to do and all of this together we like to be while we’re doing them,  part of the fun of adding in more is reviewing to find out what we’re doing that doesn’t feel right anymore and making space for new goodness to find a home with us…inside and out.

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