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His First Fish

So, Luca rather accidentally caught his first fish yesterday.  It began with a bad cast that landed in the water between (yes, between) the docks and ended with a very surprised twelve inch large mouth bass in a yellow five gallon bucket on the shore.  There is no word in the English language to describe how ecstatic Luca was.

His bait-less lure was in the water under the dock for all of about five seconds when the fish bit.  I wasn’t there, but one very proud boy came charging up the driveway to bring me the news and a few short minutes later I found myself staring into a water-filled bucket containing Luca’s gorgeous first fish.  Thank you Uncle Ryan for attempting the Catch and Release discussion last week, but the first words out of Luca’s mouth after landing this catch were, and I quote, “I’m gonna eat it.”


Kreg did his best to put Luca off the idea of keeping this fish by calmly explaining in full detail what it means to take a life.  I even briefly (and regretfully) tried to pull the guilt card with a short sentence about the fish’s family missing him.  All of this was met with, “I want to kill it and eat it!” in increasing intensity.  So we finally relented.

So much for raising a little vegetarian.

Luca and Kreg thanked the fish and then Luca stood by and watched the entire process from start to finish, asking a million questions and helping when he could.  And he did, indeed, eat that beautiful bass.  All of it.  As in, the whole thing.  All by himself.  He loved it.


And while I’m still wrestling a bit with the fact that my three year old looks like he’s on his way to becoming a rather fierce little hunter (a knowledge of the existence of guns, his set of plastic farm animals and his play kitchen have  proven to be an insightful combination…he regularly culls them all and makes “stew”) I can say that I’m deeply pleased that he understands where his food comes from.  That plate in front of him holds food entirely procured from within 100 yards of our dinner table and last night I watched him absolutely relish eating that first fish along with spinach and kale from the garden.  I was one proud mama.


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