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i made pants for both of them…and that makes me so very, very happy.


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yesterday he got himself stuck under the fridge while i was explaining to his big brother why he couldn’t play with the chainsaw in the dining room.  i’ve got one week, maybe two.  then things will be changing around here.  big time.

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we got eachother’s way all day.  he wanted snow in the middle of a january thaw.  i realized there just wasn’t enough mother to go around.  its hard to just be ok with that.

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he wanted scissors and a hole punch for his note to nana.  i was a little concerned there wouldn’t be anything left by the end of it.  he was very proud.

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he wanted to know what a horizon was.  i told him it was the place where the earth and sky meet and  we went out  in the freezing night to look at the mountain.  i think we both felt overwhelmed and a little bit awed.

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