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Awww yeah.

It’s lupine season.  I’m back in Maine.  We’ve got a field full of them.  I’m in heaven.  Lupines make my heart skip beats.  Seriously.

And then, as if things couldn’t get any better one little poppy plant decided to volunteer itself right in the middle of the field.  I practically turn a cartwheel every time I go outside.  That field makes me so happy its just silly.  I almost can’t stand it.







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A Bit of Everything

Today is rainy, so we’re staying indoors all day and Grammie is enroute at this very moment…meaning that I am assured lots of time in the next 24 hours for just hanging around and doing absolutely positively nothing while she smothers Luca with Grammie goodness. Whenever she leaves Luca goes through a phase we call ‘Grammie Detox’ in which he readjusts to being a member of the family as opposed to the member of the family. The comedown can be hard, lemme tell ya.

Mother Nature seems to have totally catapulted herself out of late winter and early spring and brought our lives right along with her. Here are some random updates.  I have no brain power at the moment to tie these events together in a way that is coherent, let alone fluid, witty and insightful


We’ve been at the beach a bunch. Luca loves the beach and believe me, all of that sand really loves him. Kreg is thrilled that there is a “real” beach close by. He learned through a series of disappointments that Mainers use the term “beach” rather loosely…meaning a stretch of flat coastline of any size with rocks smaller that softballs.


We’ve put in a good bit of mileage lately and are out hiking every weekend. Luca has been majorly chillaxin’ in his mei tai (seen here on Kreg’s back). I caught him languidly sucking his pacifier just after he’d emerged from a nap. If his cheeks weren’t so pink and healthy, I’d think he’d just woken up under the Santa Monica pier after a three day bender at someone’s Malibu beach house.


After much cursing and three frogs, I finished the Gooseberry Hat. It is riddled with mistakes and ladders and twisted stitches, but it is sweet and homemade looking in a good way and made of hemp, so naturally its a keeper.  Luca isn’t wearing it much as we’re having a hard time keeping anything on his head these days.  He’s become a little hat puller.


And there’s been lots of time spent lolling around in the backyard and staring at the field of lupines.  We’ve got lots and lots to sit with these days, and what better way to sit than with a bit of wine and cheese and crudité, staring at a field full of your most favorite flowers in the whole wide world?  Last week was one of those that you just want to call off early because each day is filled with more heartache and you’re afraid of what could possibly be next.  It found me saying little prayers everytime the phone rang and lying awake at night on the futon in Luca’s room just to hear the sound of his sleepy breathing.

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